Once you have decided to make a written offer on a home, it is prudent to hire a certified home inspector to examine your home to see if it has major flaws. For example, a home inspector will check the main systems of the same, including heating and cooling, as well as plumbing along with structural aspects in the ceiling, floors, walls, etc.

If you choose not to hire an inspector, you will be essentially buying the house “as is”, and any problems or defects that you discover in the house after the transaction of this good will be under your responsibility.

Consequently, the advantage of hiring a home inspector is that you will have the opportunity to point out any defects prior to the purchase of the same, either by obtaining a decrease in the purchase price of the same because the necessary repairs, or to desist of the purchase of the house.

In many cases, a purchase contract is written with a specific clause that allows you to subtract from the contract if a major defect is discovered and cannot resolve that aspect with the seller to your satisfaction.

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